34 thoughts on “iOS Injustice Gods Among Us Glitch (it works!!) no cheat, no hack

  1. hack mine [email protected]


  2. A new account wbid:[email protected]

  3. Oh My God thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! Thank you for this, I've been scouring the net and all over trying to get the Lockdown Costumes and have been thwarted every step of the way. I downloaded the pack but it doesn't work for Ultimate Edition. I even went as far as asking the WB Help line, and all that did was erase my data, so now I gotta start over, thank god the story's awesome and worth a second play through! This worked immediately and you have my sincerest gratitude. And before anyone asks no, my Ipod won't play the app for some reason, I was losing my mind over this! Again, thank you sooo much.

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